Our Mandate

The Municipality derives its mandate from Section 152 of the Constitution of South Africa (1996) wherein its speaks about he objects of Local Government. To operationalize this, municipality 20achieves its mandate through Chapter 3 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (Act 32 of 2000) when its speaks of the powers of municipalities. The IDP and SDBIP are also instrumental in achieving the mandate of municipalities.

The municipality is divided into departments that carry out the functions of its mandate.

Office Of The Municipal Manager

The office of the Municipal Manager oversees the running of the municipality as an organization.

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Corporate Services

This department is responsible for support functions that make the municipality work as an organization like human resources and I.T.

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The finance department is responsible for all of the municipality’s money matters including budgeting and forecasting.

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Technical Services
This department is resonsible for providing the infrustructure needed for basic services and a normal quality of life for residents.

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Community Safety Services
This department is responsible for regulating and servicing the municipality’s residents and facilities so that the public is always safe.

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The Planning Economic & Development department is responsible for the strategy and communications of the municipality.

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Get Involved

The municipality strives to be a developmental municipality that improves the quality of life, of its people and endeavors to help wherever it can. For account queries, customer care is stationed in the Finance Department. Alternatively, the public can always contact its local councilor for more ways of getting help…

The IDP is the municipality’s primary plan, attend the IDP Representative’s Forum and let your leaders hear what you need
Midterm Framework
The Midterm Revenue and Expenditure Framework shows what projects the municipality is working on against the budget.
Ward Councillor
Your ward councillor is there to help and represent you. If you need help from your municipality contact your ward councillor.
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